Summit Volleyball runs an off-season academy, year-round clinics and a high performance club program designed for

athletes who are looking to pursue post-secondary volleyball opportunities in the future.

Our mission is to provide our athletes with the training, coaching and playing time to excel in volleyball.

We believe that the magic in sport occurs when a group of players come together to work toward a common purpose.

We believe that success occurs when every person knows their role and understands the value they bring to the team.

We believe that all of our athletes have complimentary talents that contribute to the strength of our teams.

We believe that through hard work, trust, determination and commitment we can all strive to reach the summit.

What does high performance training mean to us?


The Saskatchewan Volleyball Association (SVA) defines high performance through 3 pathways:

  1. Participation in the provincial team programs

  2. Participation on post-secondary teams

  3. Participation in the national team program


The Summit Academy has been developed as a pilot initiative to assist high potential athletes in Southern Saskatchewan who are working toward participation on post-secondary teams. The Summit Academy is in alignment with the SVA’s #2 pathway for high performance development in Saskatchewan. ​

High performance training at Summit means that we work with volleyball athletes who have demonstrated a high level of skill and commitment to their sport, with the intent of helping them climb to the next level.  Our high performance athletes have all indicated a desire to play at the post-secondary level. We provide high quality training, coaching and playing opportunities for all of our athletes to achieve these goals.

We believe that a coach’s greatest success is seeing every

athlete they’ve worked with achieve their individual goals.

High performance means providing high-level training, coaching and playing opportunities for all of our players to help them achieve their goals. We want all of our athletes to reach their summit.

Our vision is to empower our athletes with the training and opportunities to achieve their post-secondary goals as volleyball student-athletes. We want them all to strive for the summit of success in their volleyball development.

The Summit Academy curriculum has been developed in consultation with Canadian Sport for Life Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) leaders and in alignment with Volleyball Canada's LTAD principles. Given the 15U/16U age categories for the Academy this year, we are working within the Train to Train stage.


Our athletes train with volleyball as the focus of their sport specialization but with a multi-sport/cross-training approach to their development. We employ this cross-training approach to avoid overuse injuries, burnout and one-sided sport preparation, we also use this approach to improve the overall fundamental movement skills of our athletes and

to keep things fun.