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What is High Performance?

There are many coaches who use the term "high performance" to define their programs and set them apart from others. There isn't a single definition as to what this term means in the larger context, and in some cases it may be used as a way to excuse best practices in coaching and allow coaches to do what they want, ignoring the needs of their athletes.

For us, high performance means 3 things:

1. Training with highly qualified coaches who have extensive playing and coaching experience.

2. Training at a high level in terms of frequency and commitment (i.e. more practices, workouts, mental training sessions - yet still balancing player physical development so as to avoid burn-out).

3. Providing our athletes with opportunities and exposure to other high quality competitions and training opportunities to learn and grow at an even higher level.

In our opinion, the term "high performance" is not an excuse to bench players, only practice with a core group and make other players shag balls, or not play certain players in game situations. We believe, through our Long Term Athlete Development philosophy, that all players should see the court if our goal is develop each athlete to the reach their potential. Winning games is not our end goal, we are focused on training and developing players who want to play at the next level. In order for our players to be seen by other coaches, they need to play.

We are working with sport development consultants on this pilot project, striving to implement the Sport Canada LTAD philosophy. These are exciting times!